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  • ULI’s “Leading Voices” Podcast / Interview with MaryAnne Gilmartin, President & CEO, Forest City Ratner Companies

    Posted in Blog on Mar 22, 2017

    The latest episode of Leading Voices with ULI podcast is live! Hosted by Terra Search Partners’ founder Matt Slepin, hear how MaryAnne Gilmartin, President & CEO, Forest City Ratner Companies, has defied many conventions in the real estate world (e.g., she wears high heels to construction sites of major New York City projects and has achieved the top leadership position in a family business where she has no relation). Give it a listen and be sure to subscribe.

  • ULI’s “Leading Voices” Podcast / Interview with Toby Bozzuto President & CEO, The Bozzuto Group

    Posted in Blog on Mar 08, 2017

    The latest episode of Leading Voices with ULI podcast is live! Hosted by Terra Search Partners’ founder Matt Slepin, this episode discovers how one real estate industry leader initially didn’t want to work in the family business—yet now he’s the CEO. Give it a listen and be sure to subscribe.

  • New podcast episode is up! Listen in.

    Posted in Blog on Feb 22, 2017

    The latest episode of Leading Voices with ULI podcast is posted! Hosted by Terra Search Partners’ founder Matt Slepin, this episode explores how a social entrepreneur's nonprofit brings together youth to physically build amenities in their struggling neighborhoods. Give it a listen here!

  • Semi-Annual Newsletter: A Look at 2017, and a Look Back

    Posted in Blog on Jan 31, 2017

    It has been a crazy six months since our last newsletter. The headline, of course, was the November general election and our new President. It was an all-consuming election process with economists holding out the results of the election, as well as political gridlock generally,

  • ULI Announces Podcast Series Featuring Matt Slepin

    Posted in Blog on Jan 18, 2017

    If you work in the industry, you most likely have heard of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). You might have attended one of its many events. You might even be a member. (You should be a member.) As a ULI governor, I am passionate about the organization and its mission. So I am very happy to announce the launch of Leading Voices with ULI, a new podcast series. In the podcast, I host in-depth conversations with innovators in the real estate industry. In the series, we will hear their stories about their passion, about the substance of their work, and about the places where they find meaning. We...

  • Matt Slepin interviews Plant Construction’s Craig Allison for The Registry

    Posted in Blog on Jan 17, 2017

    Great companies in real estate succeed in the long run not just by their great assets, but also by an inherent DNA in their business platform. How is this DNA passed on when leadership changes? Read my latest interviewfor The Registry with Craig Allison, Plant Construction Company as we discuss succession, hiring an “outsider,” and transferring the firm’s knowledge.

  • A Meditation on Springsteen's Land of Hope and Dreams

    Posted in Blog on Jan 10, 2017

    -By Matt Slepin. I write these words from vacation in Mexico, a few weeks after the election. I am continuing to process, process, and process, still in a fog and trying to understand our changed world of President elect Trump, a change which challenges so many of my deepfelt values and assumptions. I am working out on the elliptical, scrolling through the news on my iPad with music blasting through my headphones. I am reading the Times and the Journal, compulsively reading about the never-ending Trump Tweets and the latest nominees. No other news is as compelling...

  • Partner Bill Whitlow featured in Multifamily Executive magazine

    Posted in Blog on Dec 09, 2016

    According to many pundits, the lines between a property manager and asset manager are blurred. This has stimulated much discussion in the industry. Bill Whitlow asserts the lines are, in fact, have never been clearer. Read more here.

  • Matt Slepin interviewed in

    Posted in Blog on Oct 20, 2016

    The most successful companies in the real estate industry attract and retain the best talent. They mentor, they grow, and they provide opportunities to their people. Those thoughts are according to Matt Slepin, the founder and managing partner of Terra Search Partners, who recently chatted with about leadership, culture and the next generation. Read the post here.

  • Why Top-Performing REITs Look Beyond Physical Assets

    Posted in Blog on Oct 13, 2016

    By Elizabeth DeHoff Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are often viewed by investors as the collection of assets in their portfolio: shopping centers, multifamily housing, office buildings, data centers and the like. However, as the REIT industry has evolved and become more institutional, management and overall business platforms have become important differentiators between good and great companies. The cyclical nature of the real estate market means asset values might win the day in good times, but when the market falters – as it inevitably does – it is management, business platform and a...

  • Partner Matt Slepin interviews local CEOs

    Posted in Blog on Sep 23, 2016

    Terra Search Partner Matt Slepin is conducting interviews with Bay Area real estate CEOs. The interviews dive into their views on leadership, culture and the concept of “DNA” built into today’s leading real estate companies. Read Matt’s latest interview with Mike Schall, CEO of Essex Property Trust. In orchestrating the 2014 Essex-BRE merger, Schall created the country’s third-largest apartment REIT and the only apartment REIT fully focused on the West Coast markets.

  • Partner Alan Greenwald featured in Strength Matters

    Posted in Blog on Sep 08, 2016

    What’s a nonprofit affordable housing provider to do in the battle to attract executive talent? That’s a question that partner Alan Greenwald answers in his newest piece for Strength Matters. As the real estate recovery makes it increasingly difficult for nonprofit housing developers to attract new employees, new hiring and retention strategies are needed. The pressure on the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) function is particularly acute. Read about new ideas Alan has to help companies attract, recruit, and ultimately retain the best C-level talent on the market.

  • Matt Slepin featured in ULI San Francisco website

    Posted in Blog on Jul 29, 2016

    Matt Slepin, founder and managing partner of Terra Search Partners, has a new piece published in ULI’s blog entitled, “Culture Matters: Insights from Panel of New Leaders at ULI.” Slepin moderated and lead a panel during a recent meeting in San Francisco. Three post-Boomer real estate executives participated in a wide-ranging conversation about the new generation of leadership in a still fairly old-generation business. If you missed the panel, Slepin’s article walks the reader through various learnings and takeaways from the expert panelists that included Jason Kern, CEO of the Americas for La...

  • Introducing: A new video series with Builder magazine

    Posted in Blog on Jul 28, 2016

    Terra Search Partners are excited to announce a new video series, “Gender and Leadership in Homebuilding,” with Builder magazine, the media leader for the homebuilding industry. As part of the series, Partner Stephanie Pearson will lead crucial conversations with women leaders in the industry on what it takes to succeed and how to learn from their experiences. The videos will offer practical advice on career advancement, explore the stories of women in leadership positions, consider the consequences and opportunities both for the “old guard” and the generations rising up the ladder, and begin...

  • Semi-Annual Newsletter: 2016 Mid Year Update from Terra Search Partners

    Posted in Blog on Jun 22, 2016

    JUNE 2016 -- Terra Search Partners is pleased to share some highlights from our 10th anniversary year and announce some of our recently completed searches. Terra View of the Market: Our worldview is that, while the recovery is long in the tooth, the overall economy and the drivers of the national real estate market remain strong. Our hometown of San Francisco is slowing from explosive growth, but at this point we see it slowing to a sustainable state. Listening to our economist friends and our clients, we have not yet heard any evidence of a slowdown in the overall economy. However, there s...

  • New Article: “Leadership Matters” Interview with Bill Stein, CEO of Digital Realty Trust

    Posted in Blog on Jun 16, 2016

    Matt here. I am very excited to share the first in a series of interviews I am doing with executives in the San Francisco Bay Area real estate community. The topic is “Leadership Matters”, and the first interview of the series, with Bill Stein of Digital Realty Trust, is now available. The Leadership series will explore interviewees’ thoughts and views on the importance of human capital, systems, and building a culture. The meeting with Bill Stein made for an excellent first interview and we covered a variety of interesting topics that flow from Stein’s thoughts on what it means to manage a gl...

  • Terra Search Partners Announces Southern California Expansion

    Posted in Blog on Jun 08, 2016

    We are pleased to announce the opening of the Terra Search Partners Southern California office. You can read a press release about the new office, managing director Sharon Sterling, and long-term Principal Ellie Gardner here. Sharon is relocating to Orange County to launch and lead the Southern California office in Terra’s mission to better serve the important Southern California market. Much of the focus at the new office will relate to investment management, asset management and acquisition positions. In the press release announcing the new office, Matt Slepin enthused, “Being on the ground...

  • 2016: Still in the Seventh Inning?

    Posted in Blog on Feb 25, 2016

    The current state of the apartment sector still feels like the seventh inning and the game is tied. The crowd is roaring and the excitement continues, even after many hours. Are we taking a stretch? Will we get rained out? Might we see extra innings? And, while this might be a long game, we are still early in the season with many more games (cycles) to go, but with what feels like a winning team! Check out the piece here. And let me know what you think.

  • Hiring outside the industry

    Posted in Blog on Feb 02, 2016

    Happy New Year! Late last year I sat down with Jeffrey Steele from Multihousing News and spoke about a trend we're seeing more of: hiring outside of the industry. During the past decades, the types of building projects have shifted and so have hiring practices. It's an interesting piece - read it here and let me know what you think.

  • Meals & Deals at October 2015 ULI San Francisco

    Posted in Blog on Sep 29, 2015

    We polled our network of real estate industry executives – friends, clients, colleagues – on a topic near and dear to every San Franciscan: where to eat. Those attending the ULI conference in San Francisco – the real estate industry movers and shakers – need to eat, too. For doing deals. For networking, and just for fun. So here we give you what some of our real estate friends had to say about where to eat in The City, and where to eat if you get to stay for a weekend getaway.